Here’s To Finally Graduating…

It’s so weird being a writer yet not having the words to say right now. I am beyond happy with what I’ve achieved but that’s not to say it isn’t a bittersweet moment. Moving on from one stage in your life to another is always bittersweet. When you get to a new stage in your life you struggle to fit in and adjust. Then along comes the moment you must collect your thoughts and pick yourself up because the time to move to another stage has arrived. You know that moment is coming because you’ve been working towards it, but nothing prepares you for the moment you must move on. That moment? It’s arrived once again for me.

I’m not just graduating with certified knowledge, I’m graduating finally knowing myself. Seven years ago I truly met myself, but its only until four years ago that I truly began to know myself deeply and everyday for the past four years I’ve learned who I am. I discovered everything and left no door unopened. College does that to you, you either lose yourself in the madness that surrounds you or you find yourself and everything you are. With a thankful heart I’m happy to say I enjoyed the privilege of the latter. I guess they were right when they said your degree is “in character and in learning”.

It’s been a four year war full of far too many fierce battles. I’m proud to truthfully say I won honorably, its not something many people can say and so I take great pride in my victory. The biggest achievement of the four years is… *drum roll* I got what I came for, I got my degree. It is an achievement and I’m proud of myself. To me it isn’t just a degree, its so much more. Let me tell you a little about the two major reasons it is.

Year after year, thousands of people graduate from college and get a piece of paper with fancy writing to officially say they gained knowledge. What we don’t realize is that for every one person that graduates, there are at LEAST eight people who will NEVER have that opportunity and six of those eight are women. Here comes one of my greatest motivations, becoming a woman who can stand for herself and hold her own. An education is part of that, a very big part of that. Growing up, I saw women who couldn’t hold their own suffer in silence because they could do NOTHING to help themselves. I promised I’d never be that woman, this degree is the first step to fulfilling that promise.

Hard work is never easy, its part of the reason why the reward for it is always so big. But what happens when it all gets too chaotic and seemingly unbearable? What makes you get a grip of yourself and keep pushing on despite the dark moment? My darling, it will always be the people who look up to you and take great pride in you truly being part of their life. They are the ones who with just a thought of them will make you mentally slap yourself and get a reality check. They will need not say one word to you or even be within reachable distance, but they will be part of the reason you push on forward. It isn’t the haters or critics or enemies who will make you go on, its the ones who hold you high above all else in their hearts, thoughts and actions. Keep them close, they’ll always give you an unspoken reason to never quit. They’re also the reason your success is a big deal, they’re the reason my success is a big deal. I hope they’re proud of me, I know they’re proud of me and I know I’ve proved myself once again worthy of being bestowed with their pride. Thank you, every single one of you because you are part of the reasons I wanted to push so hard.

Here I stop typing, although I wish I could say pen because that sounds more cliche and cooler I think. I’m a graduate and my gratitude goes out in so many directions, to so many people and so many events. Every person I met in the past four years and all those I’ve known prior to that, pushed me harder even if neither of us realized it. So thank you for reading this, thank you for being there for me. If I named names, I’d be here a while and still leave people out, I don’t want anyone to think less of their importance to me. But I want to thank GOD, yes that gee up there is my real homie, best friend, my protector, my comforter.. He is my EVERYTHING! He made this possible. I’m glad I got to know Him better and I’m glad He’s bestowed upon me unwavering Grace. Next up is Dr K.G. Kingston. You see that man right here? He’s my hero. He’s the one who pushes and motivates me hardest. But most of all he’s my daddy and ride or die, you know I love you daddy. :)😘 Now come the siblings, there are so many of you so I don’t need to call you all out. Thank you for the random conversations and random affectionate gestures, I don’t think any of you realize that sometimes those were exactly what I needed. Then come all the friends who’ve turned family. Thank you for listening to me be crazy and whine and laugh and cry and vent. I’m terribly hard to put up with sometimes, I’m sorry. I’m also sincerely apologizing to all the people I’ve intentionally and unintentionally hurt, please forgive me.

Wait… I’ve really got to stop typing now. It’s time to celebrate my success. Its time to celebrate my triumph. *sounds of champagne opening and cheers in the background* It’s OUR time to celebrate our success. Cheers to the 2015 class of the freshest English graduates of Ignatius Ajuru University of Education. Cheers to more success.


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